Jay: Five to Four

 "Guys, I'm back, please come down to meet everyone." Called Xavior from the stairs. I got up, my arm still around Asha as Harmony jogged past us. I was surprised we could see her; I expected her to run with ultra speed. I was happy that her and Xavior were together now.

 When everyone was in the porch, Xavior and Harmony were kissing. Someone coughed from the stairs, and everyone looked up simultaneously. There were four people standing awkwardly on the stairs.

 Xavior introduced everyone, but something was on my mind.

 "I thought you said there were five"

 "Sorry?" Xavior said,

 "I thought you said that you were going to bring five" I said it louder this time. His face dropped.

 "One of them betrayed them-us. They're on the Council." He said gravely. I rolled my eyes.

The End

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