Xavior: I'm back Jack

As we approached the masion Jack put his hand on my shoulder "Hey, how many people are in there?"

"Um....I'm not sure really. People come and go, I don't keep track of numbers if I'm honest, it slipped my mind" I shrugged

"Okay, but none of them are dangerous right?"

I smiled at him "Dont worry, you can trust us, just try not to be shocked by the part cat pure blood"

"Part cat? Then how can he be...?"

I shrugged "We're relatives....kinda, he's a cousin of mine, not that he knows. Which reminds me, do not speak about who I am here, theres someone who doesn't know yet and I don't want to upset her"

"Her?" Amanda smiled, turning to us

Jemma "I'm sure he'll explain later Am, for now, we should" Jemma gestured fowards, toward the mansion

"Jemma's right, come on" Ethan shouldered his back pack and walked ahead

"Lets make an entrance."

I stood at the front and opened the door, flanked by Ethan and Jemma on one side, Amanda and Jack on the other.

Jack looked up at the stairs "Who's that?"

"Sara, I wonder whats wrong"

Jack walked fowards, stopping a few stepps away from Sara, catching her phone.

"You dropped this" he smiled at her, a friendly gesture. He handed her the phone. "I have one just like it, though it's not pink" he laughed and pulled out his identical black phone.

"Thankyou" Sara mumbled

"You okay? You seem a little shaken"

"Yeah, I'm fine it's just....."

Jack smiled at her, he always did understand, "I'm Jack"


This is going to be interesting I sighed

"Guys, I'm back, please come down to meet everyone." I called out, knowing they would hear.

Sara came down the stairs with Jack, I sensed something strong... I smiled. Very intersting.

"Xavior!" Harmony smiled and ran down the stairs at an excited human's speed, trying not to frighten them I'd guesse.

"Hey" I hugged her, ignoring the chuckles. "I missed you"

"Good" she giggled and I could feel the happiness she radiated. I gently pressed my lips to hers and heard a cough from behind us.

"Oh, right, Harmony this is Amanda, Ethan, Jemma and the guy flirting with Sara over there is Jack" I pointed to everyone, adding extra enphasis on the word flirting to embarress him, well, if he coughed...I smiled

"I'm pleased to meet all of you" I could hear a slight forced tone in her voice, trying to sound genuinley happy but I could tell that she recognised them. She was less than happy to see them here.

I wouldn't expect anything else, she was the one who made me get them out before I came for her, and now they'll end up with the fate she didn't want for them. I bet I'll get it tonight.

The End

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