Sara: A Familiar Voice

I started the next chapter of the book I was reading. Of coarse, I had heard the whole plan - and didn't really approve of creating new vampires, bit at least I wouldn't be doing it - but I didn't go into the room so as not to put more pressure on Jay and Asha.

Then something completely unexpected happened.

By phone buzzed.

I slowly slid across the bedside table and fell onto the floor, where it continued to slide along until it hit the dresser. And it continued to buzz. That phone had just been a useless piece of metal. I hadn't used it since I was changed. I put it on silent to avoid anxious phone calls from family. But I put it on vibrate when I got to the mansion.

I slowly put my book down and picked up the mobile. Number withheld. I answered it nervously.


"Hello? Who is this?" the voice sounded way too familiar for my liking. More familiar than even Mum's voice. The same as the one I had in mind, but older. Like eight years older... The person I spent the most time with before...

"Ummm... It's Sara"

"S-Sara?" the same familiar tone of worry, but at the same time sad recognition...

"Is... there something wrong?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"No, well. Hey, I know this is a really personal question, but do you mind telling me your last name?"

"It's..." I hesitated, if this was who I thought it was, this might not be the best idea. But I needed to know so bad "Mileson. Sara Mileson" I realised that I'd wandered to the banister, and was now leaning against it.

"Oh my" the voice was faint "Sara Mileson... Listen, I've probably got this completely wrong, and if it is then you'll have no idea what I'm talking about but... well... I'm Phoebe Mileson-" the phone slipped from my fingers. I was right. It was her. My sister... 

My thought were stopped when the clatter and breaking sound I was expecting didn't come. I looked slowly over the banister. Five people had just walked into the mansion. One of them being Xavior, the other four were strangers. One of these strangers was looking up at me, holding my phone. 

And the one other thing I noticed. All of the strangers were human. Still human, I realised. 

The End

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