Xavior: The gang

Greenbury. What a place, seemingly happy but a hot spot for feeding vampires, I just hope that the gang haven't been gotten to already. I walked through the streets, smiling as a few girls point at me ang whisper "Do you think he's someone special?"

"Deffinately, how else could he be dressed like that?"

I rolled my eyes If only they new. I waved and walked off, my eyes scanning the streets.

"Hey! Get the hell off!" I know that voice, I ran at full speed towards the noise.

A dark alley, so predictable.

"Hey buddy, I suggest you get off her or I'm gonna do something you might regret" I smiled coldly, revealing some of my teeth, allowing the pure blood aura to seep through the cracks.

The guy turned and dropped her, his hands shaking as he ran off. "You okay Amanda?"

"Yeah, I'm....Xavior? No way!"

I smiled, helping her up "Way"

"I havn't seen you in years! your hairs long again"

"Yup, I decided to let it grow"

She rolled her eyes "What brings you here?"

"I was hoping that was something I could dicuss will Jack, Ethan, Darrell, Jemma and you all at once, I hate repeating myself"

She nodded "I'll text them, tell them to meet us at the base" she pulled out her little silver mobile and started pressing buttons.


We stood outside the base, as I looked it over, the coverted public toilet that were knocked out and the cubicles were replaced by sofa's, a tv and many hidden weapons and means of communication. "What're you waiting for?,everyone's inside"

I took a deep breath and stepped inside, Amanda following, shutting the door behind us

Jack, Ethan and Jemma all smiled at me, relief and worry flashing across their faces. "Where's Darell?"

Amanda sat down "He joined the council. Betraying us and opening us to attack after attack"

"So that vampire....."

"A pawn" Amanda sighed "The seventh to attack me this month"

"Hey, I was almost bitten six times" Jemma protested

"Whatever, I managed to ward them off,  three at a time, nine this month"

"Whats Ethan's score?"

"Ten" he mumbled, Ethan hated the attension falling on him.

"Which brings us to you" Amanda sighed

"Amanda said you want to talk to us" Jack added, poppin the top of a can of sprite.

"That I do. It's about the council" I explained about the past few months and the plan, it took longer than I thought it would.

"So where do we come in?"

"The thing is, we need to up our numbers, even with our powers combined and our knowledge, we need some help"

Jack smiled "re you suggesting...."

"....that we become....." Amanda's voice sounded bright

".....vampires" Jemma smiled.

"Only if you want to, we need help but doing it to innocent people.....outvoted"

"I'm in" Amanda smiled

"Me too!" Jack exclaimed

"And me" Jemma beamed

"Me aswell" Ethan mumbled, slightly louder.

I sighed in relief "Then pack your bags, we leave for the mansion ASAP"

The End

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