Harmony: Sylvester, you got a friend

After Xavior left, I decided to change, no way was I going to be in my pajamas all day. I wore a pair of dark blue jeans and a plain, purple v-neck, simple and presentable. I wonder how Sylvester is....he looked pretty pale last time I saw him. Maybe I should go check on him......

I walked out into the hallway, heading toward Sylvester's room.

"Hey Harmony"

"Oh, hey Aria, do you know where Sylvester is, I wanted to make sure he was ok, he looked pretty pale last time I saw him"

"Yeah, he wasn't too well. Thought a blood made him a little on the sick side."

I nodded "K, I think I'm gonna go talk to him"

"See you later?"

"Sure, wanna have some girl time? My room for a sleep over?"

She smiled "Sure"

"Cool, be sure to invite the other girls"

"Will do"

Aria walked downstairs and I knocked on Sylvester's door. "Sylvester? It's Harmony. I wanted to talk to you...." I opened the door

"What about?" he seemed a little wary

I closed the door behind me "It's about the whole turning thing"

I saw him go a little pale

"I don't like it either, the whole idea of....." I cringed "I've always lived on donated blood, y'know the kind from the bag, I could never...." I cringed again "Just so you know, you not alone on this. I hate it just as much as you, I was a little sick if I'm honest" I smiled sheepishly

"Me too"

I smiled warmly "Just so you know, I'll be hiding out in the attic while the whole things going on, having a shut it party, if you want, your more than welcome"

The End

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