Sylvester: Awaiting new arrivals

Xavior had gone to find his friends, and Asha was just about to leave to meet the council. The evening was falling again and there was a clear sense of unease in the mansion. I’d locked my door so that no one else would be stopping in, and settled down at the foot of my bed; Imira’s intrusion earlier had just been embarrassing, and I couldn’t bear someone as understanding as Asha or Aria right now. I was intent on staying in my room until Xavior got back with the new vampires. Although I really couldn’t say whether I’d be leaving the room when they arrived either... I had little experience with young vampires – I only remembered my own experience.

A tap on my door encroached on my thoughts. Sylvester?

I could feel Asha was there, but I was afraid to open my mouth in response. I couldn’t deal with the taste of my own blood anymore.

“I’m leaving now, just wanted to make sure you’re going to be okay.”

I pressed my clenched knuckles hard into my already pale lips, fighting the urge to run into the ensuite bathroom again.

“Uhm… I’m leaving a glass of blood here for you. I think you should try it out. And if you get any worse, please come out and tell someone. I should be back in a day or so.” She paused and I could tell from her voice that she was upset. “Sylvester, look after Jay.”

I looked up at last and knew she deserved at least a promise that I would look after everyone here, and so struggled to my feet. I opened the door to find an empty hallway, and turned left in time to see Asha whipping around the corner at the end of the corridor. At my feet was a glass of blood. I picked it up and swirled it around, shut the door after myself and made my way out to the balcony.

I watched as Asha shut the door of the mansion and ran into the forest; I hope Jay knew she would be fine. I took a sip of the blood and choked suddenly – it was warm. I stared in surprise after Asha, realising too late to thank her properly. Immediately I started feeling a bit better, and gulped down a bit more. I smiled, feeling a bit more like myself.

Thanks Ash, I thought clearly, knowing she would hear it wherever she was going.

The End

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