Asha: Back To Work

Asha, connect this message to Jay.

Okay I failed to mention that I was not a direct telephone service to Jay's mind. I still wasn't happy to find that there were two Council members that knew who I was.

 Jay, tell them to train, powers or not, do some running, fighting drills and learning signals to bail.  Xavior then wondered if it had worked.

Oh ye of little faith.. I kept the comment to myself. It wouldn't help.

"Start with training, powers or not, run, do fighting scenarios and signals to bail, we need to work independantly and as a team, as soon as we have the newer members we will start working together in a proper fight" Jay spilled the words out quickly. I gave his hand a little squeeze and he looked at me. I smiled at him, getting a small one back.

Nice. Asha, did you tell him the rest?

Nope. Again, I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

"Well, since thats sorted, I'd better go, good luck with the training guys" Xavior tried walking out and was caught by Harmony. I chuckled inwardly.

Nice try there Xavior.

I glanced out the window and saw we had been talking most of the day. The others were talking about the plan, finding small flaws, talking around them. The mood was generally positive.

"Jay?" I murmured, trying not to be overheard, "I have to be at the Council by morning tomorrow. It's dark now, I have to go.."

He looked at me, his crimson eyes darkened and unhappy. "I really don't like this Asha. It's too easy for them to set you up. Especially since.."

I took Jay's hand, leading him out of the room. I leaned against the corridor wall, Jays arms wrapped around me.

"I know, Jay I know. But everyone is depending on me to make this work. I have to go.. I just don't want to leave you so soon." I finished with a crooked smile, trying not to betray the fact I was as scared as he was.

"How long are you going to be gone?" he asked quietly.

"I should be back about this time tomorrow, if I leave in the next hour or so." I replied, a lump in my throat. I closed my eyes, leaning against Jay. My next words came out muffled and very quiet. "I hate this."

Jay placed his hand on my cheek, looking right into my eyes.

"Asha, you don't have to do anything. You.."

"Jay, I would do anything to give up the Shadow for good, but I can't. You know that. There are too many people depending on me to be strong and too much at stake if I walk away now."  I took a deep breath, trying to calm down. "I need to get ready."

Jay leaned down and brushed his lips over mine, I kissed him back, winding my hands into his hair. It was like the first time we kissed all over again. Except now, I could feel Jay's emotions, getting flashes of his thoughts as he pulled me closer. We broke apart eventually, both a little breathless, both grinning ruefully.

"Want some help with getting ready?" Jay purred in my ear, "It might take a bit longer..."

I smiled lazily, happy to just be there with (my husband...) Jay. "Hmm, I might need help finding something..or..other..." I turned slightly, kissing Jay again. He smiled, kissing me back.

"Very productive.."

The End

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