Xavior: K

"If we start now, we'll have time to train them, but play for as much time as you can"

"We shall see" Asha nodded

"Well then guys, I think, I should be going, our volunteers aren't that far away but we have to see if any of them turn out to have powers...if they do then it will be good to have a few weeks training, to keep them under control"

Harmony scowled at me, she still didn't like the idea of turning people, boy am I gonna get in trouble when I come back.

"How long will you be?" Asha pressed

"A day or two at the most, trust me, their not that hard to find"

"Good, will you be going alone"

"That would be best, I can take care of myself and everyone is needed here so..." I shrugged, trying to make this as casual as possible.

"Alright then, if thats it....lets get started." Jay sounded a bit more hopeful, he seemed relieved when Asha agreed.

"Whats first?" Aria whispered, still looking after Sylvester.

Jay looked panicked, I smiled, time to use their gift to his advantage.

Asha, connect this message to Jay.


Jay, tell them to train, powers or not, do some running, fighting drills and learning signals to bail. I wonder if he got that

"Start with training, powers or not, run, do fighting scenarios and signals to bail, we need to work independantly and as a team, as soon as we have the newer members we will start working together in a proper fight"

Nice. Asha, did you tell him the rest?


"Well, since thats sorted, I'd better go, good luck with the training guys"

I walked out of the room, cursing inwardly as Harmony put her hand on my shoulder. "I can't believe you"

"Look, I'm sorry Harmony, I really am but we need this to save people, besides they know all the consequences of being immortal, they want it"

"I wasn't talking about that"

"You weren't?"

"No, I'm annoied about that too but I can't stop them, they'd probably find a way anyway so I guesse I'm glad it's us"

"Then what are you mad about?"

"Your leaving me behind"

I smiled "Only for a day or two, you can help Sylvester, he might need some uh...moral support"

She rolled her eyes "Just don't get in too much trouble you big goof" she kissed my cheek "And come back soon"

"I promise" Trouble? me? What on earth is she talking about? Guesse thats my idea out of the window. I smiled mischeviousley "I wouldn't leave you if it were no longer than a few days. You stay out of trouble too Har" I kissed her forehead "Stay safe"

I ran out of the mansion at top speed, the feeling of the wind flowing around me made my muscls relax as the town of Greenbury came into view.

The End

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