Asha: Plotting.

When Raven still said nothing, I left him to his own devices. Sylvester ran past me, looking ill. I followed him and found him bent double over his balcony rail. A thin line of blood traced his lips. He turned to me, pulling the back of his hand over them.

"Sylvester? What is it?" I asked him, concerned that something had affected him so badly.

"They're going to make more vampires. They want us to make more! I.."

"What." I replied, my voice totally flat.

Sylvester just looked at me, a wild emotion in his eyes I couldn't name.

"I'm going to talk to them, come with me?" I said, eerily calm.

He shook his head mutely, going white again. I left him to it, going swiftly to the other room where the others were plotting.

"Other vampires. That's your plan? More of us? How are you planning to control a bunch of blood-lusting fledgleings? Our greatest strength is suprise! They don't know our strength.."

"Asha..Its the best way. We need the people. You can get us in and we'll use the bloodlust against them." Jay said, cutting across my rant. He outlined the plan to me. I couldn't help but be impressed. It sounded good.

"Just one thing. I am not changing anyone, even if they want me to. I don't want that. I can't. Especially with being the Shadow.."

Jay took my hand. Its okay Ash.

I smiled at him gratefully. At that moment, Imira burst in, crackling. She also started shouting. I tensed up, not sure what was going to happen. She looked like she was going to hurt someone. I put my hand on the handle of my half-sword, which was strapped to my leg. Until she finally sat down.

"I'm in no matter what." I said quietly, so that only Jay could hear. He smiled, givng me a quick kiss on the lips.

"So whats the next move then?" Aria piped up.

Everyone looked at Jay. He seemed to have become our unofficial leader.

Help me out here! He said to me. I have no idea!

I smothered the urge to laugh. "Well, how long is it going to take for you to get these 'volunteers' together? I have to go back to the Council in a couple of days, for a contract, then I reckon we will have a month."

There was a heavy silence.

I don't like the thought of you going to that place. Jay spoke through our link as everyone seemed lost in their thoughts.

It wouldn't be the first time Jay. Or the last. I know that place better than they do.. I will be fine.

"If we get moving now, we could do it." Xavior said, his voice thoughtful but certain. "It would be tight, but I reckon we could make it." He looked at me. "Although play for as much time as you can okay? Every day will count."

I nodded. "We'll have to see."

The End

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