Jay: Umm..Err...

 "Jay!" Imira shouted. "I said, what's this about you wanting to make new vampires?!" she repeated. I'd never heard her really shout in anger before. I instantly became nervous.

 "Umm...Err..." I stammered. I was never good when people were angry at me. Asha came up behind me, putting a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I instantly relaxed.

 "Look, Imira. We need more people to fight the Council, otherwise we won't win." I stated.

 "This isn't about us winning! This is about taking human lives!" she shrieked, blue lightning flashing around her clenched fists.

 "We need to win! Besides, we aren't going to turn people who aren't winning. We're turning five people who want to be vampires. They're going to choose what and how it's going to happen. It's entirely their choice. We're still  the good guys." I said calmly.  She was still angry, but she walked away, sitting down on a settee in the corner of the room. Asha's hand started to rub my shoulder.

 "I don't know about this, Jay." She murmured. I smiled half-heartedly.

 "Me either. I hardly even considered it, really. It was merely a suggestion, but then Xavior wanted to do it, and he knew the people-"

 "It's okay, Jay. I'm in no matter what." She said, smiling lovingly. I grinned back at her, and pecked her on the lips.

The End

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