Sylvester: Still unaccustomed to the taste of blood

"I have an idea." Jay stated. "We should make more vampires."

He let it hang in the air; a dark cloud was pressing down on us, and the morning didn’t seem so bright anymore. Plotting to destroy lives was something I would never do.

“B-but Jay! We all remember how bad it was for us, we can't do that to innocent people!" Harmony stammered, incredulous at the suggestion. I nodded along numbly, feeling behind me for the wall, for support – a hand. Aria was trembling, her face pale.

Blood spilled over the flagstones and the sound of flesh ripping echoed off the walls. Shrieks filled the church as people tried to escape, but the exits had been locked. As if anything could save them.

“Have you no remorse?” She cried, cradling a dead body. “Have you no feelings? Look at what you have done!”

I leapt. Her fingernails scratched at my face and neck but I held her down, drinking until she was dry. Until her rosy cheeks turned white, and her grey eyes stared coldly up to heaven.

I had never turned a human before. The past was replaying in my mind like a dodgy record; the screams, glass breaking… the dripping blood.

"Then it's settled" Jay exclaimed. "We will make new vampires. Harmony, we will not force you to change anyone, only those that are willing if you want to at all."

Giving someone never-ending life, all because they were willing, because they ‘found the immortal life very appealing’ didn’t seem enough reason to me. They didn’t know about the torturous days and perpetual nights. And a damned life is nothing to cling to, nothing to live for…

Grotesque and terrifying the lost souls groped in the dark, latching on to each other as more of them spilled in from the edges of nothingness. They were piling on top of one another, spilling everywhere – breaking limbs and grinding teeth until they overwhelmed me with their screeches and began to shroud my body. I was at one with them.

Death is simple, quick, warm. Immortality is unfathomable loneliness, unsatisfied hunger, and unbearable cold.

“I-I can’t.” I whispered hoarsely, and only Aria’s head snapped around. “I can’t.” I called again and Jay turned from Xavior, confused.

“You can’t?”

I could taste blood when I managed to unglue my tongue from the roof of my mouth. “Excuse me…” I could smell it, feel it gushing down my throat; I tore out of the room and made it across the hall onto my balcony. I flung myself over the banister and hurled.

The End

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