Harmony: ?!

My face turned pale "Make more?! B-But Jay! We all remember how bad it was for us, we can't do that to innocent people!"

Xavior put his hand on my shoulder "It is something to consider though. Do you really believe it will work?"

"As bad as I'd feel for doing it...yes, it may be our only choice"

"But people who don't want that fate, they'll resent us and surely wont help"

"I know, thats the problem, though your gift could come in handy Harmony"

"No. If we are to turn people they must be willing, I won't use my ability to do that, I won't become something I hate"

 Xavior wrapped his arm around me now, trying to calm me down.

"Jay, Harmony is right, if we are going to defeat the council, we cannot act like them. But I do know a few willing humans, my friends"

"How many?" Jay asked, a plan clearly forming in his head. It was obvious that they were now in charge.

"Five, their ages range from sixteen to twenty and they find the immortal life very appealing"

"What about their families?" I pressed

Xavior smiled "They were taken from them when they were children, just like you, though, they escaped before.....the council got to them"

I though about it "Fine, all we have to figure out now is who will change who"

"How about we let them choose, it may make the thing easier for all of us"

"Then it's settled" Jay exclaimed "We will make new vampires, Harmony, we will not force you to change anyone, only those that are willing if you want to at all."

The End

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