Jay: More People

 Everyone nodded in agreement. I turned around to ask Asha to tell everyone to come, but she wasn't there.

 "Asha?" I called, feeling a little bit worried. "Asha?" I repeated. There was no answer. I turned to Xavior,

 "Where'd she go?" I asked, anger creeping up at me. I wasn't angry at Xavior; I was angry at myself for letting her go.

 "It's all right- I can hear her. She's talking to someone." Harmony stated. I closed my eyes, and tried to sniff her out. When I knew where she was, I was relieved. I'd almost forgotten about our link.

 Jesus Christ, you scared me! Who're you talking to? I asked,

 Raven she replied simply. Silence.

 I decided to let them have their conversation. She seemed to be under control, and I could hear that Raven was too. I decided to keep on planning with everyone.

 "I have an idea." I stated. It was a horrible idea, but it was the best one I could come up with, "We should make more vampires."


The End

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