Sylvester: Lilac mornings and vampire coups

Xavior’s plan seemed like a good one, and Jay looked a bit more upbeat to see someone else helping him take charge. It was only the day after his wedding; any normal person would be packing for the honeymoon, not planning an attack on a highly guarded and influential secret society of vampire council members…

“Let’s not get too over zealous though.” I was quick to jump in. “That all sounds good, but at the moment there are six of us. A lot of us are new vampires – and the council are not only much stronger, but much better hidden. Their talents after thousands of years will be, no doubt, stronger than ours.”

Xavior squared me up and said boldly, “If you don’t want in, then go.”

“Don’t worry, I’m still in.” I felt the corner of my mouth twitch upwards into a smirk. “And don’t forget, we’ve got another secret weapon.” I revealed the Soulsphere in the palm of my hand. It was a small, lilac coloured crystal in the morning sunlight. “I’m pretty sure I could learn to control it so that it would be almost undetectable. If I ran into anyone I could get rid of them in an instant – almost no vampire powers needed.”

I glanced slyly over at Aria, and her cheeks were pink from excitement. “I’m fast,” she chipped in, “and I’m a good fighter – between all of us, the Soulsphere and ‘the Shadow’ I’m sure we could do it.”

Jay gritted his teeth and nodded at the small group that had gathered in his bedroom. “Now we just need to make sure everyone else is in.”

The End

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