Xavior : The plan

"The plan?" Jay gulped, obviously uncomfortable with his new established leadership "I'm not sure, our knowledge about the council is limited and then theres the prophecy...."

I noticed Asha slip out but didn't mention anything.

"We know how to access the tunnels underneath" Harmony smiled "And since we have to follow the prophecy, we could sneak underneath while Asha as the Shadow does her bit, it's as simple as that"

I sighed, "Well Harmony, we need to work out what we'll do after that, whether or rather how many of us will help Asha while the others hit other parts"

I saw Jay relax. "Xavior's right" he agreed "What else?"

"Well, we also need to account everyone's powers, Aria, your acrobat skills will come in very handy for higher parts of the complex and sneaking up on people, Sylvester, your practical thinking is vital, your very cautious which I think hints at strong survival instincts. Jay your powers will have limitless posibilities and mixed with Imira the council will crumble."

"And what about us?" Harmony raised an eyebrow.

I smiled "I intend to work with you, sensing those close by and enphasising your hypnosis powers for maximum effect. If we can scrape up everyone elses talents, knowledge and powers, I have no doubt that we will succeed. All we have to do is work together, what do you say?"

The End

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