Harmony: Morning

Figures danced gracefully around the room, the entire area filled with love and happiness. Something brushed against my forehead, creating a warm flush against my cheeks....

My eyelids fluttered open to see Xavior cuddling me, stroking my hair away from my face. "Good morning sleepy head"

"Good morning...." my eyes focussed properly and I sat up "Sorry, I didn't mean to..."

Xavior chuckled "It's fine Harmony" he pulled me to his chest again "Are you still sleepy?"

"No, I'd like to see the mess downstairs, sort the clea-" Xavior cut me off, pressing his lips softly to mine.

He lifted my chin so I could see his eyes "Please can you forget about that Harmony? The cleaning can wait until later, just let this morning, this day be about happiness"

I knew I couldn't argue "Okay, can you atleast release me so I can brush my hair?" he let me get up and as I ran my brush through my longer than ever hair I began to hum.

"Your hair is alot longer" he lifted the ends and kissed them.

"Yeah, I'm thinking about cutting it, what do you think?" I knew how much he liked my hair long, he scolded me before when I talked about cutting it short. Here comes the lecture.....

"I don't know, I like it this long, it suits you"

That surprised me, I blushed "Maybe" I put down my brush and put on my deoderant, the smell of lemon grass was very calming. I could hear the voices of Jay, Asha, Aria and Sylvester.

"Come on Xavior, sounds like were missing something"

Xavior sighed and let my hair drop, taking my hand instead and we walked through the halls. Why am I so nervous? Xavior looked down and smiled at me And theres an undescribable pain in my chest whenever he smiles, whats wrong with me?

"So, what are we going to do?" Sylvester asked Jay

I walked Aria and stood there, also curious about the plan. "Whats the plan?"

The End

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