Asha: Mrs. Hale

Snow. A white bouquet. Crimson eyes. Strong arms. Feeling safe. Happy. A flurry of faces. Laughter. Songs. Dancing, spinning from partener to partener. Back to those strong arms. The crimson eyes. His blonde hair. His arms holding you close. His lips brush yours and you are lost in the sensation. The part fades to nothing, his arms are still holding you. Its dark, a cool breeze blows through the room. It is just you and him. Proving your love. The one who holds your heart. And always, the strong arms holding you.


Slowly, the room faded into focus. It was familiar, the balcony door open as always. Late morning light spilled through, pooling on the ground. I remembered snatches of my dream and smiled.

"Good morning Mrs. Hale" Jay breathed in my ear sleepily.

I rolled over, so that I was facing him. He looked so perfect lying there..

"It really happened didn't it?" I replied, "We really did get married-it wasn't some dream?"

He laughed, putting his arm over me. " Look at your hand."

I did as he said and sure enough, there were two rings. Two stunning, silver rings, where they should be.

I looked up at him again, feeling my smile burning across my face. He hugged me back. "You can't escape now." He laughed.

"Who said anything about me wanting to?" I returned, laughing as well. "I still can't believe we did it."

"No regrets though?" Jay asked, a note of question in his voice.

"None." I replied, kissing him. "Never."

Eventually we decided to get up, as we could hear others shifting in the house. We began talking about what would happen next. Despite our happiness at finally being together, there was still the problem of the Council pressing down on us. Halfway through, Sylvester walked in followed by Aria.

"So what happens now?"

The End

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