Xavior: So much it hurts

Wow, so much has happened recently. The resistence collected together, Jay and Asha got married, and now this....I sighed, I can't believe I'm killing myself over this, I have to do it sometime.....

"Xavior?" Imira was behind me.

I jumped "Oh, hey Imira, whats up?"

"Your radiating emotions instead of taking them in, you have to keep a lid on your powers"

"I know, I know" I put my hand in my pockets and stared at the ceiling "I'm just...." I sighed "I'll keep them under control"

"Whats up Xavior? You've never done this before, accept when...oh" she smiled

How the hell did she work it out so quickly?!

"Yeah, oh" I sighed, man this is so unnerving.

"Hang in there Xavior, you can do it"

"I'm not sure I have so much belief"

Imira laughed "Just go talk to her, she's in her room."

I smiled "Thanks Imira" I walked into Harmony's room and looked at her bed.  She's asleep, how peaceful and delicate she looks, even in sleep she has me under her spell. I sighed happily and pulled the cover over her "Sweet dreams my siren. We have a long day ahead of us"

I lay next to her, and smiled as she curled up beside me I wonder if this is how Jay feels, like his heart is going to burst, so much love building inside you it almost hurts. I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of her soft breathing feeling as if nothing could ever stop me.

The End

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