Asha: This Is War

Jay and I had returned to the Mansion as soon as it was clear that Harmony was safe. He had pulled me onto  a sofa, one arm draped protectively over my stomach. I opened the link between my mind and his so that he could sense the impressions I was getting as a gentle hum in my mind. I didn't need to turn around to know he had a smile on his face.

"I love you." He murmured, kissing my hair.

I hummed, smiling. "I love you too."

His arm tightened slightly over me, pulling me closer. Our hands were twinned together and it was a rare moment of peace.

Unfortunately it didn't last.

Raven burst in, reporting everything that Kyoshiro had discovered. Without hesitating, Jay and I got up fluidly and simultaneously. We glanced at each other, a flash of amusement passing between us as we ran to Kyoshiro's side, using his thoughts as a kind of homing beacon.

"Even you can't face 6,000 vampires on your own Kyoshiro." I said, when he raised his eyebrows at us.

He smiled grimly at that and together we turned to face the hoards advancing on our home and our family. I reported everything to Xavior, recieving no direct reply. I hoped he could do something in time, but as the legions grew closer, it became apparent that nothing was going to happen. They were close enough now that we could pick out the individual features of their faces.

"Don't even think of telling me to run." I breathed softly, reading the men's thoughts.

The End

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