Harmony: New life and old

Xavior and I travelled back to the main council quickly and announced that he would take his place on the throne and that I would rule by his side (however he made it sound more dramatic).
Anyway, it was weird when the council's attendants started fawning over me, moments ago I was their enemy, trash to them.....people can be so fickle! "Princess Harmony will you allow us to dress you? Please let us! It would be an honour!"
I stare at them for a moment, then look to Xavior, he nods and I sigh "You can dress me"
The doors swing open dramatically, a thundering echoes through the hall "I heard they arrived"
Nervous murmurs filled the room "Who are you?" I seek the face that beongs to the voice and figure in the shadows but they are concealed well.
"Your worst nightmare 'princess'"
I raise an eyerow into the darkness "What do you want?"
"A fight"
I smile "Who I am I to refuse, it's been a while since Ive thought so this shoud be interesting" I urn to look at the faces behind me, especially Xavior "Don't jump in unless I say so" Xavior nods and I make my way o the shadows "Give it your best shadow man"
The fight starts and we both move so quicl everythng blurs, instinct acting before I can register each move, each dive, each block. Hes skilled, avoiding strengths and searching for my weaknesses, but only one of them is there and he is behind me. I feel something press into my hand and I wince, enough is enough. I push him to the floor and gasp as I take in his face, scruffy broen hair, green eyes, once filled with youth, now aged, matured, full of sadness "Artomeo?"
"How do you know my name council scum?"
"What a way to talk, you really haven't changed, still rude and as stubborn as ever but at least I can fight now" I smile
Recognishon dawns on his face "Harmony......! Is that you....?"
"Its me,I'm glad to see you brother"
I feel Xavior's presence directly behind me "Harmony..." his voice is panicked and I turn, worried "we need to go back!"
Asha just told me, Raven returned to them and he and Kyo found out 6000 troups will attack the mansion from the north!
....! Those bastards!
"Council!" I adress them firmly "Cease all attacks on Vampire Mansion and it's residence immediately, thats an order!"
"From both my fiance and me" Xavior scowls at them and I hear them gulp simultaneously.
We need to leave! Now!"

The End

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