Kyoshiro: What I Ended Up Doing

When all the members of the mansion had started to look for Harmony I knew that there would be a trap of some sort. Indeed, as we were following her scent, everyone overlooked the scent of another dangerous individual. That's where I split off from the group. I ran to the person, unsheathed my sword and stabbed him to a tree before he could talk. And almost immediately, Raven was with me.

"You know this guy?" I ask Raven.

"No, but he was going to keep us from Harmony."


And with that said, I took my sort out of his body (and the tree) and then kicked him in the shins. He fell to his knees, and I cut off his head.

"Was that it?"

"It's all I could smell."

"Mhm, me two."

Then, we see the people going back to the mansion.

"I guess we missed saving Harmony."

"Oh well, let's just go."

I shake my head. "Wait a moment." I say as I pick up a note on the body of the dead guy.

Then, I read it aloud. "From the North. We will be attacking Vampire Mansion from the North. A legion of 6,000 during the night. Signed, Bradley Smith." I sigh. "I'm going to go North. You can go back if you want, Raven. But, Bradley Smith and I have unfinished buisness."

"So, you won't be coming back to the mansion?"

"No, but give them by best."

And with that, I start running to the North.

The End

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