Jay: Our Love

I took Asha's hand, and we both ran back, smiling at each other now and again. I knew that our relationship was one that would never break, because we were destined to be together.
 I released my grip on Asha's hand, and hung my arm around her shoulder, only my feet moving. She leant her head into my shoulder, smiling. This was real love; vampire love -our love.

 We dodged the trees and other obstacles easily without even needing to see them. Asha looked up at me and smiled.
 "It's a bit quiet don't you think." I smiled as I pulled out my iPod. I kissed her passionately.
 "Pick a song." I said before starting to kiss her soft lips again. She didn't need to look at the iPod to know what song would already be playing. It was a new iPod, so it could play out loud, and it started to let out the loud sounds of Flyleaf.
 "Trust you to be listening to Flyleaf." Asha laughed. She was the only one who knew about my love of Flyleaf.
 "You just can't beat it." I replied. We were at the mansion now, and it looked like nothing had happened to it in our absence... 

The End

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