Harmony: Rash Decisions

The man pins me to the ground and starts to put me to sleep "Say hi to your brother for me"
I turned, stunned, Jay....he....how did he find me? I was so careful! But he froze him! That man! "Jay? What are you doing here???"
"You scared us to death Harmony! Leaving us like that with a note and Xavior in that sleeping state....what were you thinking?!Harmony, we all know you meant well, but did you really think we would let you go and do this alone?" Jay eventually broke the silence. "I know these corridors and I know the inner workings of the Council. I know who wants what and who hates who and all that. Xavior is still technically a member of the Council. So is Imira. The rest of us can fight and we can help. We've all got our talents and we are all here with you. Like you said, we're a family and families stick together."
I keep silent.
I notice the others gather behind him, all except for two, Kyo and Raven, Xavior at the back, his eyes burning like blue fire.
"Whats the plan guys?" Asha is in her full shadow gear
"I can do this!"
"Yes, we know that Harmony! But you wont do it alone!"
Xavior pushes past the others to join me "I understand why you did everything Harmony but what you dont understand is that the council set you up, they sent you those dreams to irritate you, to make you want to take action. They want to take you back Harmony, they want to keep you prisoner here, I know what they think, I have the power to know that."
I step back "So thats why they hid from me? Get that guy to take me and then......" the disbelief drains from my face, replacing itself with a cold smile "then lets give them what they want"
"What?!" Xavior grabs me by the shoulders "are you crazy?!"
"Maybe" I shrug "but if I'm honest it works out better this way, I can act all prisonery and find out what the council is hiding then, I'll send a signal to you, Xavior and we'll be home free, you can attack and we'll live happilly ever after"
"Harmony I will not let you do this! It's too reckless and I...." the anger fades "I cant live without you"
"Xavior, I love you but this is something I have to do, they might know about my familly, my brother, I'm worried he's done something terrible and I wont find out until I try!"
Xavior turns to the others "Go home and continue the way things were, when it's time, we'll let you know"
"Xavior what are you doing?!"
"Well I had to take the throne sometime, I'm of age and engaged, I think it's time I became the king pure-blood"
The others stare at him "Xavior, are you sure you want to do this?!"
Jay and Asha stare at us both with concern
Xavior turns to me and pulls me to his side "I'm sure, it's time I stopped neglecting my responsibilities, I'm ready to take what is rightfully mine. Until we return, or send word, do not act, I will occupy the council until it is time"
"Xavior you dont....."
"What do you say Har? Ready to become queen?"
I shake my head and smile "I'll folow you to the ends of the earth and back"
"Friends, go back now before the council hear us, they cannot hear us nor smell us but our little luck wont last long"
I take the cloaker from around my neck and give it to Asha "Take care, my sister, I will miss you, this will keep you both safe"
"And I will miss you Harmony" we hug, quickly
"Tell the others of this when they return and remember to wirk together, as a family
"We'll see you soon guys, now, hurry" we beam and turn for the doors 
"It's time to face the future"
I squeeze his hand "I couldn't be more ready"

The End

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