Jay: Destiny

I decided to run straight to the council instead of following Harmony's scent. I knew that she was smart enough to somehow maybe trick us or something, but I didn't have much time, so I ran straight there. When I was shrouded in the darkness of the forest that surrounded the council's building, I started to sniff out her scent, trying desperately to find her.

 That's when I smelt her scent, but I could sense that something was wrong. She was worried. I knew what was going on. She was fighting.

 I flashed into the building, quickly even for a vampire, and ended up hidden behind a huge ancient vase, watching Harmony fighting a man. I could smell him, but it was a scent I couldn't make out. If I could see him, I knew I probably wouldn't have known who it was either. Instead of waiting for Harmony to be in true danger, I raised my hand above the vase when the man's back was turned, and pushed strength through my body to my fingertips, which turned numb. I flexed my fingers, and a thick line of ice escaped from my numb hand. The man froze on the spot. Literally.

 I noticed that Asha and a few other people from the mansion had followed me here, because I saw them at the door, looking like some league of superheroes, with stances that looked like they were planned.

The End

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