Harmony: The start

I run through the ferns, miles from my life, tracing the steps of the past, forgetting the future. My life depends on what happens today, by the time the sun sets and the moon is high in the sky I will have won, I will have shed the blood of those who should be condemed to hell. The thickets scrath at my skin, leaving cuts that fade all too quickly, a reminder of how my life became the way it is, how my life was changed forever and how everything was taken from me. My mother had taught me what I needed to get away last night and I fear I will have mere hours before I am discovered by someone, friend or foe. I must know the truth of all they have done, discover my identity, my past and set free the lives under the council.
I follow a faded scent, one only myself, my love and my soul brother can follow, the ones who realised the truth of the council, the two who set my body free from the living hell I endured but unknowingly left my soul behind, under the thumb of the council. I am here to take back what is mine. A plan counts for nothing in the world below, instinct, strength and brains are everything, there is no room for the plans of dreamers, the ones who survive are those who look at the bigger picture, I may not survive to see the moon but I will not die in vein, I will start the resistance, I will prompt the signal, I will protect my familly, my brother, my soul brother, my true love....I will protect the future of humans and vampires everywhere. I will win.

The world around me resists my swift movements as I merge through nature, to my almost iminent death. I take my last steps away from everything, my past year a dream I awake from quickly as I enter the secret entrance of the pure-blood royals and their servants. I realise that someone besides myself and Xavior passed through here, someone cold of heart with pure blood, a few luke warm souls filled with pride and arrogance of their council. I push into the shadows and make my way like a ghost, unseen, unheard, unsmelt, unfelt, a stranger to the world, but a part of it. I keep my face calm, my eyes steady as I walk past two vampires, matured by the ages, changed, by the lines of their faces, in their late 20's, strongmen, at a guesse, semi-diposible idiots who are called in to conduct tests, protect the walls of the deffenceless and bully their underclassmen. I feel the temptation to knock them out but I fight against it, if I were to do that I would cause the alarm to sound much too quickly and my effort would come to nothing.

 "Did you hear about one of the top dogs?" a hushed conversation between them?
"You mean Zelthar or something? Yeah I did"
"Cut down by a bunch of resistant vampire rejects..." he shakes his head "he calls himself a leader? To be killed by them is disgraceful"
"You know the council didn't bat an eyelid at it, they must have known he would die"
"Well it didn't help they had that poncy pure blood prince with them did it?"
"I heard Zelthar threatened the prince's pet girlfriend they turned and he killed him on the spot" Pet?
"Apparently the pet tried to kill him herself but got a bit emotional, though she kicked his butt pretty bad apparently"
They laughed together, enjoying their rant
"You know....I bet I could have kicked her butt right back, with one hand missing and hopping on one foot" he flexed his muscles "She wouldn't be able to defeat this"
"Yeah, no way"

I tried to calm myself desperately, I would have the chance to justify myself later, I proceeded foward and cursed inwardly, the whole hallway guarded, I would have to trust my cloaker and try even harder to be inconspicuous, though, with my appearance, it is hard.
I keep my head down and pass many guards, breath held, footsteps like the silence of Death himself. I do not relax as I turn the corner though , the empty hall, after the many guards only makes me more nervous, sure something will trigger an alarm of somesort, but as I pass every cobble stone of the dingey, cold, damp, tunnel it grows slightlywarmer, a summer breeze caressing my face, telling me to relax, but I do not, I tense and go once more to the shadows until I reach the inner sanctom, the door to the main council hall, the secret library Xavior hid in often. I push open the doors and hold my breath once more, making myself be aware of all that is around me. It is brightly lit, blood red and dark purple ribbons are hung, a symbol on a tapestry hung of the wall at the far end on a large platform with chairs and two thrones, a preperation of some kind of ceremony, this makes my work that much more urgent, this may be an execution, or a turning sentence of an ali, possibly both, making my mission urgent.
I walk amongst the shadows and feel the past wash over me, the days they took us for exercise in these halls, when I would often see the shadows move, it may have been the Shadow, my sister. I feel the emotions I felt all those years ago when I tried to escape and find my mother but was caught in an instant, humoured by the guard's passion to torture. I shake my head and clear my mind, heading, toward the council chambers.
I creep past altars, lit with black candles, seeing, one or two guards beside them, a strange thing to see, until, finally I come to a door, decorated with carvings and gold, depicting horrific scenes, the room that holds the council within, the room that holds behind, the elders.
I open the door, calm, in the shadows, unseen, tensing, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting council, one by one. I come to the first, empty, the second, empty, the third, the fourth, the fifth...all empty. I move, instead, to the door of the elders and enter without a second thought, not caring if it were an actual trap. I enter, the door closing behind me, I come up to the grand chair, occupied by the oldest of elders "this is the end" I pounce.


I freeze. No-one is here. Not a single soul. Only guards. But why? "You seem to have come up short young run away, what a shame you cant finish your task" I turn to see the owner of the voice, a male, scent cloaked, I smile wickedly .
"It is a shame, but I wont come up short, that I'm sure of"
"Oh yes? Why would that be?"
"I suppose you haven't heared" I leapt at him, holding his neck against the wall "The heart of the free wont stop beating"
He chuckled, twisting me so that my hands were behind my back "poetic, I used to know someone who said stuff like that, ah well, that was years ago, heck, maybe you know her" I felt my arm twist and pain shot through me "I know your from that mansion, I know what your like, you will be defeated, people like you always lose" I know from experience if I move now I will die.
"And why would that be?"
He laughs, cold, bitter "This is no time for chit-chat, the council wants to see you-alive"
"Is that so?" I feel a lose break and twist out, sending him back against the wall I tense to fight "they may very well get their wish but I intent to go their without you aid"
He wipes the blood from his mouth and smiles, then the fight began.

The End

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