Xavior: note

The others left the mansion as soon as they were ready, leaving myself and Harmony home alone....I know what your thinking and I must say that it crossed my mind aswell but Harmony was not herself lately, I had to use tonight to find out why.

Harmony had gone up to her room to get ready, saying we would meet up with the others later, I agreed and she flitted up the stairs....that was two hours ago, Harmony's light humming filled the air and I could hear the soft thump of her footsteps as she skipped across the room getting herself ready, the wardrobe opening and closing several times, fabric dropping to the floor as she discarded outfit after outfit.  I sat in the main room on the sofa, waiting for her return, listening intently.

How long does it take for one girl to get ready? I shook my head and refocussed on Harmony's steps, one, two, three, one two, three, one two three......"Xavior, if your going to fall asleep it would be better if you slept on a bed" Harmony's giggle filled the air like a tinkling of a bell and I sat up.

"Sorry Har, I was just thinking" I smiled softly as she sat on my lap

"About what?" she cuddled into me, looking at me with shining eyes

"How long it takes for one girl to get ready" I looked at her outfit, a graceful sugar pink dress, much like a nightie, lacey on the edges, soft and silky to the touch, highlighting every colour in her eyes, her eyes....outlined with a light dash of eyeliner and mascara, clear lipgloss enphasizing her shining smile...."then how very worth it it obviously is, not that you need anything to highlight your beauty"

Harmony rolled her eyes at me "You can be so corny sometimes" she kissed my cheek and smiled

I sighed wistfully and played with a lock of her hair, a gentle scent of roses and lavender blowing around us, her shampoo. "Har, you seem different tonight, is anything wrong?"

"Not at all" she pressed her face into my chest "I thought it might be nice to spend some time together is all, as a couple"

If I could have blushed I would have, Harmony had never been determined to act as a couple before, then, we hadn't had much chance "I agree" I pressed my lips to her head softly and my heart surely would have gone crazy if it could have as she pressed her lips to mine passionately, I didn't resist as she knotted her hands in my hair. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her back, thinking about this moment alone, she pulled back slightly and hugged herself to me, both of our breath heavier than usual.

She turns slightly and reaches for a bottle and a glass "Um, I thought you might want a uh, drink" her cheeks were flushed pink and her hands poured the red wine mix into the glass, the room smelled of spices and fruit but Harmony's scent was still stuck in my head so I took the glass gratefully and gulped it down, Harmony's guilt filled face filled my mind as my head span slightly, dimming to black, pressure on my forehead and her words "I'm sorry, I love you" echoing in my mind as I fell into the darkness.


I heard heavy breathing and a loud bang, the door.....but I could still only see black, my head spinning wildly.... "What happened back there?" Sara.....

"Who were they?" Imira

"I dont know" Asha

"Neither do I" Jay

"I wonder if the others are okay....Harmony? Xavior???"

"The lights on in the main room, maybe their......" the door opens, a loud intake of breath "Guys!"

"What is it Asha?"

"Xavior! He's......he's passed out! Pure bloods dont do that? Do they?"

I felt the presence of people around me, but I could not make a sound or movement, I felt like lead

"Xavior? Can you hear us?"

"Asha, try your mind thing!"

Xavior? Can you hear us? Are you okay?

I cant see anything Asha, I can hear you all and smell but I can do no more, is Harmony there?

Sara's checking now, Xavior, were you attacked?

No, of that I'm sure

What do you remember last?

Harmony and I were on the sofa...then she gave me some wine, it smelt of spices and fruit.....

"Jay? Uncork the wine on the table and smell it"


"Just do it"

The room was filled with the spicey, fruity aroma at once

Is that the smell?


"Jay, how do you feel?"

"Woozy, my sight is a little blurry"

"Right, okay"

Xavior the wine Harmony gave you put you in some sort of sleep, knowing Harmony it wont be permanent

Why did she give it to me?

I don't know Xavior

I felt Sara return to the room "Guys, Harmony..she..she left a note and something else too"

"What else did she leave?"

"A bottle of purple liquid...."

"It must be the antidote"

"Thats what the bottle says"

"Pass it to me"

I felt my mouth open, a cold breeze filling my throat and head, bringing light once again, the world righting itself, I open my eyes to see the faces of Jay and the girls, relieved and sad, I was handed the note



My dearest Xavior

It breaks my heart to leave you like this and I truly wish I could have parted in a better way, by now I will be near my destination, if my memory serves me correctly that is. I am deeply sorry for doing this my love but I must protect my familly, my dear sisters and brothers at vampire mansion, my true love and my half-brother. I am going to confront the elder of the council, crazy as it may be, but I will not fail you, I will come back victorious or die trying. I love you more than anything in the world and it is cruel of me to do this to you but I have no choice. I wont let the council breath one more breath or corrupt another life. I will not stand by anymore. My dearest, my love, you have my heart and soul, ever since the first day, I have loved you. I will be with you forever and always.

If I do not return I wish only that you forget me and move on for my sake.
Forever yours


Fire boiled within me "No!"

The End

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