Call me paranoid or whatever but when we left the mansion to go for this meal I picked up one of my pistols and some extra ammo. We had no trouble while arriving at the restaurant apart from someone dancing happily and conking their brains on a lampost, much hilarity ensued. The people at the restaurant seemed happy to see such a large band of customers and quickly seated us with drinks on the way. Menu's were quickly scoured and dishes chosen with me going for a chicken curry and egg rice but I was content to just watch the humans who were often gazing at us and a good deal of the women, who in their own right were super hot, giving the glares of death at Asha, which I found quite amusing. Asha obviously did as well and after some prompting shared this little revelation with everyone else and we all fell about laughing. 

Meals were eaten in relative silence and we ended on some fun by swapping fortune cookies in a random fashion. The result was quite amusing and so after paying we decided that while we'd passed most of the day eating we'd go and have a drink. Or at least thats what I suggested and many of the guys decided to take up the offer, the girls seemed somewhat eager but because of Asha didn't want to leave her out. Eventually I just picked her up and walked her to my friends bar and before she could say she was pregnant a fresh strawberry milkshake was sitting infront of her and we all chuckled at how wide her eyes went as she took it in before quickly devouring it. Hours passed and we were all relaxing in the pub when suddenly I sat bolt upright and held a hand up to stop Jay talking.

"Guys we have company" I whispered then looking at Jay  I said, "Get Asha and the other girls out of here."

The End

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