Asha: Something New

We all left the Mansion together, Jay had his arms around me and we were laughing. The group ended up at a modern-looking resturant serving Oriental food. We ordered and I entertained Jay by letting him see the stunned thoughts of the humans around us, who became mesmerised.

"Share the joke guys!" Someone shouted from across the table. Soon everyone was hearing it. A kind of quiet fell around the table as we saw what the humans saw; an inhumanly beautiful group of people, who seemed like a sort of dysfunctional family with the range of ages and appearances. We were all clearly celebrating something and I realised that we were-celebrating surviving all that we had done and were still as strong as ever. Looking around the table, there were smiles all around. Slowly, we all looked at each other with a sense of pride. In the time we had known each other, we had achieved so much.

The End

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