Darkness: Losing a friend

"No the reason is, is because.....I'm a vampire."

I still can't get that out of my head. How can he be a vampire? They're just not real. I was really mad after that. I didn't believe him and I told him to never say something like that ever again.
After last block, when Keran and I were walking home I didn't talk to him. He was talking to me but I said nothing. When we got home, Keran was crying and he ran upstairs to our room. I through my backpack on the couch. I told my mom what Keran said but she simply said," Honey, your just overreacting." I was not overreacting. I was just really mad that he would make a joke like that.

In our room Keran was crying. "Why did I tell him? I thought he would understand. *sob*" He started packing is stuff. He was going to move out. I walked in just in time to stop him.  "Keran! What are you doing?!" "I'm moving out." "Why. Was it because I didn't believe you?" "..." "Fine, go leave."

Keran walked down the wooden stairs and out the front door. I was curious of where he would go so I told my mom I was going to follow him. I kept to the shadows, good thing it was night time. So I followed him and he walked right into the house that gave me a bad vibe. I heard shouting from in the house.


I couldn't here what Keran was saying but a woman was talking pretty loud and clear. Keran walked out of the house without his stuff. I walked up to him. What a mistake. "Tingo? What are you doing here" he said with attitude. "I was worried because you said you lived alone and I just heard a woman screaming loud and clear from inside that house. would you like to tell me what's going on?" "First of all, you didn't believe me the first time I said it and you prob'ly won't the second time. I'm a Vampire!" "Ok, really. You can stop lying now." "See. Like I said, you didn't believe me."

Keran ran away. I was standing there alone. Why don't I believe him? This is really bugging me. I walked home, alone.

The End

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