Darkness: Secret

It has been about 2 weeks since Keran moved in. He has been really polite and sincere. I really wish I was like him. I think of Keran as an older brother. He also sleeps in my room, since all the rooms in the house have been taken. He has transferred into my school and is in all my classes too. The alarm clock rang about 13 minutes ago and I should take my shower now.
"Keran, I'll be back in 5-10 minutes. I'm gonna take a shower."
"Ok. I'll make your Lunch."
"Kay, thanks."
I walked out the Crimson door and down the hall to a bright blue door, which is the bathroom door. In the bathroom, the walls are a light blue color and the floor is white. There is a sink on the left side of the bathroom and about 2 feet is the toilet. On the right side, the bathtub is there and takes about half of the right side. I looked in the mirror above the sink and told myself, "Wow, look how mature your getting." I have recently been saying that to myself since Keran came to our house.
I took of my shirt and pants. Then my underwear and socks and turned the shower on. I liked my shower a cold-ish, warm. It didn't take long to get the right tempurature. I walked in the shower and started washing.
Keran walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. It had white tiles on the walls and wooden Cupboards. The counter is made of granite and so are the drawers. The stove, fridge, and dishwasher are all made of stainless steel. Keran grabbed bread out of the pantry, which is right beside the stove, and also grabbed nutella. I love nutella and so does Keran. He grabbed a knife out of the drawers and opened the lid to the nutella. Keran dipped the knife into the jar and scooped out some nutella. He spread the nutella onto the bread and made both of our sandwiches. He then grabbed chocolate pudding from the fridge and orange and grape juice boxes. I like orange and Keran likes grape. He grabbed strawberries for himself and a granny smith apple for me.
I finished my shower and put on some fresh clothes. They still smelled like the dryer. They were still warm too. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I gave Keran a hug and said good morning to my mom.
"Did dad go to work already?"
"Yeah. He left just before Keran came down."
"Yes, Keran?"
"Can we go to school already?"
"Yeah. Let me get my backpack and we'll go."
I walked into the living room and sat on the green leather couch. I really don't like this couch, but it's better than nothing. I like to sit and look, I find I can cover more of an area by doing this. I searched around and I saw our 56" Plasma screen T.V. and I saw my dad's recliner. My mom's art table and my computer. I looked by the door and there it was, my backpack. I walked over to it and grabbed it. It was all black except for some part which at red. It wasn't really that heavy because I forgot my binder in my locker.
I shouted to Keran to tell him were going. He came running to the door and we both walked out the door.
On the way to school, we saw a chipmunk, 3 crows, and 2 bunnies. We walked by a house that had a bad feel to it. I don't know why?
We walked up to the front gate to the school and Keran told me to go to the back field at lunch.
At 3rd period, I was wondering the entire class what Keran would want to talk to me about. I didn't pay attention so I had no idea what was going on.
40 minutes has passed since then and I was walking to the back field with Keran.
"Tingo....can I trust you?"
"Of course! Why wouldn't you trust me?"
"I don't know...? But you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok."
"I promise. Now what were you gonna tell me?"
"Ok, have you noticed anything about my teeth and how I have pale skin?"
"Yeah. I thought you were just born that way."
"No the reason is, is because.....I'm a vampire.""

The End

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