Xavior: A meal.....

It was shocking how many people wanted a proper meal, even Raven thought it might be a good idea, Harmony and Sarah joked about how it would vary our diet and Jay helped to cheer up Asha saying the food should be good for the baby too.

I know a bit about human food taste wise because I did eat a variety of it as part of my training to smell and taste different combinations to better catch the traitors which meant that I don't have a particular aversion to human food.

"So it's settled, we'll have a proper meal" Sarah beamed

"One or two questions come to mind"

"What is it Xavior?"

"Are we eating out or cooking something here?"

"Um, well does anyone know how to cook?" Harmony laughed anxiously

"I do a little bit" Sarah admitted "But not too much, only the basics...."

"Okay then, we'll discuss that in a bit but if we go out wont people notice a group  of good looking people with various age ranges?"

"There were lots of vampires in the supermarket when we went out but it may cause a little bit of trouble"

"Oh does it matter?" Harmony laughs "We need to get out of the house as a familly, lets see, who wants to go out for dinner please raise your hand"

Though sheepishly many did raise their hands so majority took over "Fine, guesse it's decided, I'm sure some fresh air will do us all good anyway" I smile and pull Harmony to my side "But I believe someone should hold down the fort, to make sure no one attacks the mansion while we're out.  "I volunteer to stay behind for a little while and meet you guys later, but someone needs to make it look like we're all in"

"Xavior don't you bow out" Harmony pouts

"I'm not Har I said I'd meet you all later"

"Then I'll stay behind with him too for a bit to make sure he staysout of trouble and doesn't chicken out" Har laughs and smiles at me "So, when do you wanna go out?"

The End

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