Sara: Idea

I nodded and smiled. Of coarse, I'd do anything for any of them.

On the other hand, I was feeling quite guilty. Harmony had said that we all knew each oter's pasts. That wasn't entirely true. Nobody knew my past. Not one person. everyone knew me for who I was now, not who I was then. In fact, nobody except me knew anything at all about my life when I was human except me.

"Right then, that's that sorted," Harmony smiled brightly, giving Asha's shoulders a squeeze.

"Hey, Sara, guess what," Imira asked, grinning.


"You're doing something!" her grin got wider.

I blinked at her, and then we both burst out laughing. Kyo, Harmony, Xavior and Asha were looking at us as if we were completely insane.

"OK... so what're we gonna do now?" Xavior said.

"Let's find out what got into these two." Harmony suggested.

I calmed down before Imira did, but she told everyone, "Sara was moaning about how she never, well, does anything." she giggled. "And now she's doing something!"

"I see..." Kyo said.

Harmony frowned jokingly. "No you don't."

"No, I don't, you're right."

"OK, I've got an idea" I told them. "How many of the others d'you think would like a meal?"

"A meal?" Asha looked confused.

Imira rolled her eyes. "You're not telling us you don't know what a meal is, are you? And I know she's not talking rare meat and cups of blood. She's meaning, like, a meal meal."

"What, you mean like a Sunday dinner or something?" Harmony asked. "I mean, since when do vampires eat meal meals?"

"Since one knows how to cook and wants a meal meal" I said. "So, how many of the other d'you think will want one?"

"Dunno." Xavior shrugged. "Let's go ask"

The End

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