Harmony: Sudden truths wont change your family

I smiled softly at Kyo, my heart swelling at his sentiment "Thank you Kyo, I accept it. It is an honour" Kyo smiles back and gets up, handing me the sword. I laugh "Come on Kyo we both know I'd cut myself on paper, your the holder of the  sword"

Kyo laughs "Very true Harmony"

"You know what I've realised? Your like the older brother I never had!" I hug him tightly "You rock"

Kyo huggs me back "It is strange how we have come to be like a family in this house"

Someone bursts through the door, Kyo and I part and look, it is Imira "Guys! Theres a new vampire at the mansion!"


"And Jay is the sire!!!"

Kyo and I run downstairs and listen to the girl's story with the others, knowing it was Asha who took her away from Jay in her days as the Shadow. Asha left when the story was over and I followed, Kyo, Xavior, Sara and Imira behind me as I sit beside her and hug her reassuringly "Asha you shouldn't be so upset about this"

"But it's my fault...." I can see tears forming in her eyes and I hug her tighter

"Asha you had no choice back then, you were bound by the shackles of the council and even that girl knows it, she doesn't blame you, it doesn't change who you are Asha" I smile kindly at her "Your still my sister and that will never change, this mansion is filled with family, ask anyone here to help and they will. We al know eachother's pasts and because of that we live here in peace, tranqulity and...and..." I try desperately to find another word...

"And harmony?" I hear behind me

I laugh "Yep, that too. We're all here for you Asha, nothing will ever change the way we see you. Right guys?" I turn my head to smile at them, waiting for them to say their bit.

The End

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