Breathing hard as I slowly fused my anger out I knelt over the crumpled figure of Zelthar. Looking up at Kyo who was standing stoically as he looked down at me, his dark eyes dancing.

"I trust you can keep a secret?" I asked as I called the demon in me up.

"Well since I know something about you I should tell you something about me" came the reply/

I grunted as I prepared the demon for what I wanted it to do,

"I killed JFK"

I looked up at him, "Jerk" I muttered.

Just as I was about to do my dark deed I felt a kiss of cold steel against my hand and looking up I saw him looking down at me,

"Make him kneel"

In no mood to argue I hoisted Zelthar's unconscious figure on to his knees and watched as the head drooped exposing the back of his neck.

"Zelthar you have been charged with crimes against Humanity, found guilty and subsequently sentenced to death" and in a flash i felt the slight breeze of the sword pass my face before hot blood splashed on my face. My stomach convulsed as I watched the head roll away down the slight gradient in the floor.

Blowing blood out of my mouth I let the body drop,

"My way was less messy" i said wiping my sleeve across my mouth. Kyo remained silent as he picked up the body and the head before heading out to the woods.

Sighing I stripped down to my shorts and walked into the kitchen grabbing a bottle as i passed on my way to my room.

The End

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