This Isn't Good

I didn't move for a while. This was the first time I'd ever felt anger towards Asha. I still loved her with all of my heart, but anger overpowered it. I noticed her leaving but didn't take it in. I remembered it perfectly.

 The window smashes on Jessica and I. A woman leaps in. It's the same woman who hypnotised me. She grabs for Jessica, but I jump in front of her without thinking. The woman throws her clenched fist at me. I feel cold, hard knuckles connect with my face. It's enough to drown me of my energy. She doesn't stop there. Swords appear in her hands. Then there was darkness...and pain.

 When I wake up, Jessica and the woman are gone.


It was a horrible memory, and though I hated the woman that did that to me, I saw her in a different light now. She was Asha. I didn't hate her any more. But I still should've known. I should have remembered the mesmerising smell when I met Asha, but I was so blinded by love that I didn't.

 I decided I'd thought enough.

 "Jessica?" I said. Jessica looked at me.

 "Yes, Jay?"

 "Go downstairs and tell everyone who you are. I need to speak with my wife."

"W-wife?" she said. I nodded.

 "Go!" I almost shouted. She left without another word, and I was alone in the room. I took a deep breath and jumped out of the window. I followed Asha's scent. She was sitting on a tree, crying. I hated that I did that to her. My anger was impulsive and I didn't mean it. I bent my legs and jumped onto the tree. She looked up in surprise and cried again.

 "I'm s-so sorry, J-Jay!" she exclaimed. I smiled and hugged her. She looked up at my face, and knew she was instantly forgiven. We kissed again... 

The End

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