Asha: Harmony's Past.

Once Harmony had declared her intentions, I sat back, thinking a moment. With Jay gone, I felt a little disconnected. It was strange, being here, knowing he was somewhere else.

"Harmony, I know how you feel." I eventually replied. "I want to destroy them too. Especially Zelthar, he practically owned me from the minute I started working for him. But all the others too. They banished me remember? I was left alone to find out all the laws the hard way. And I know what its like to have everything taken... We will not let the Council destroy anything else we care about." I rested my hand lightly on my stomach, almost unconciously. Harmony saw the movement, smiling a little.

"I guess we're both fighting for someone else." She said quietly.

I nodded. "I want to end this soon. Before I can't fight anymore. Before this one arrives. And we will bring your brother here. Human or not, he'll be safe with us. We'll protect him like our own Harmony." I smiled at her. "I already see you as the little sister I never had."

Harmony smiled, happy tears springing in her eyes. "Thank you Asha."

"Hey, theres nothing to thank me for." I replied, firmly but kindly.

There was a knock at the door and Xavior looked in. "Harmony?"

"I'll leave you two alone," I said, quickly getting up.

Talk to Xavior, Harmony. He'll understand.

I left them alone and grabbed a bottle of blood from downstairs before retreating to my own room. I was feeling odd. There was something niggling the back of my mind, but I couldn't place it. It was like a thought not quite formed that was not my own. It had a feminine feel to it, so I knew it was not the link with Jay. It was somehow both strange and familiar.

As I finished my train of thought, there was a muffled impact on the balcony and Jay appeared. Smiling broadly I opened the doors and was instantly envelopped in his arms.

"Welcome home." I murmured against his chest.  "I have a suprise for you."

Jay grinned at me crookedly. "I can tell by the look on your face its a good one."

Concentrate... I opened the link between us as much as I could so that he could sense the half-thoughts. They were like impressions or the beginning of ideas. More images than anything else.

Jay's eyes widened. "Is that..?"

"Our baby." I completed proudly. "Thats our child, Jay"

He looked at me in complete wonder as I left the link open wide. We were more connected than we had ever been, both of our minds completely open to the other, so we could hear each other completely for the first time, as well as hearing our child.

After a while, I had to ask.

"Are you okay?"

The End

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