Can't Take It

I couldn't take standing there, looking at the man who Asha hated so much. I turned and left to go to get some blood. The stuff on the shelves were getting old, so I decided to get myself some. I ran upstairs, grabbed a pair of my ice-blue contact lenses and put them in, so people wouldn't get surprised by my ruby-red eyes.

 "I'm going out..." I said to the group. Two of them nodded, but no one else gave a reply. I opened the door and left.

 Where are you going? I heard Asha ask in my head.

 I'm thirsty. I love you and I'll be back soon. I replied lovingly.

 I love you too. Both of us do.  I laughed and ran with super speed, doing anything to make this as fast as possible. I knew that I couldn't just randomly attack someone; I had to lure them to me.

 I went into a bar and sat in the corner with a drink that I wasn't going to drink. I stared at the wall in front of me.

 "Hey," a voice said from behind me. She was female and she had a sweet voice. I turned, smiling. Her eyes widened.

 "Wow." She said. I laughed.

 "Can you only talk in one syllable words?" I asked jokingly. I hated this. It felt like cheating.

 "No. I can say other stuff. Wanna go outside?" she winked. This was what I needed. I smiled crookedly as she stopped breathing for a second.

 When we were outside, I took out the contact lenses. She gasped, and that was the last thing she said for a while. I drank deeply, but made sure I left enough for her to stay alive.

The End

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