Harmony: haunted

The words repeat themselves over and over again as I watch everything happening, even as Raven holds Zelthar kneeling down, as Kyo raises his sword, I hear his harsh and unbelievable words.

"Harmony, it's over, Harmony?"

I stare blankly at the floor, feeling cold, scared and for the first time in both of my lives....dead.

"Whats wrong with her?"

"She's in shock"

"Can a vampire do that?"


"Harmony, it's okay, your fine, nothing will hurt you" I look up, Asha, did she read my thoughts?

Asha, I'm scared, I don't know what to do!

I can feel the hysterics trying to break out again and oush it down as far as I can, I don't want the others to know. Not even Xavior.

Whats wrong? Is it the council?

No Asha, it's much, much worse, can I talk to you alone, I can't think with the scent of his blood mixed with the sound of newborns, my head hurts

"Asha, do you know whats wrong?"

"She'll be fine, Xavior, could you take her upstairs? We're going to talk for a little bit"

"Okay........" I can feel a slight warmth as Xavior picks me up and I bury my head quickly, feeling like a child.

Once we get upstairs Xavior sets me down on my bed and reluctantly, leaves the room. "Harony, whats wrong?"

I sit up and look at Asha sitting next to me "Zethar....he said something....."

"What did he say to you?"

"To understand, I think I should explain my familly" I take a deep breath "I lived with my mother and father when I was little. My mother would do anything to protect me, she loved meand we were very close, she looked alot like me actually but she was exceedingly beautiful. My father was a man who I didn't know very well, but I knew his habits all too well, he was a violent man and aso a gambler but despite that my mother loved him with all her heart and soul. One day my father came home to settle another of his debts, he had been out for the best part of a week.The price of his debt was the his daughter, me, he bet me in a game. My mother wouldn't let me go and no matter how hard my father hit her, she didn't give up. My father gave up but  every night he would come into my room and place a trinket somewhere, it lasted for two weeks, one night my mother found one of the trinkets and lost her temper. My father then announced he had cheated on my other and had a child with another woman, a young boy. The next day he brought the boy to he house and announced he would be staying at our house from now on, my mother treated him as her own son but he detested her and detested me, he bullied me even though he was younger but I was admittedly weaker. I found out that he only acted that way because thats how his mother treated him, so after breaking past his act we became really good friends and were virtualy inseperable. Then came my 9th birthday, my brother was only a year younger than me, he was 8 and on that day my father decided to take him to his work, that was the day my mother and I were taken."

"So how does that link in with what Zelthar said?"

"He said 'your brother's been asking after you' they have my brother. That stubborn kid must have gone looking for me and got himself in trouble."

"Thats low"

"I can't believe they would resort to using my brother! They've only made my decision quicker"

"Which is...."

"I'm going to destroy the council from the inside, I'm going to inflict the suffering they have given out ten fold and make them regret haunting so many nightmares!"

The End

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