Sara: Watching

So the front of the mansion got smashed to pieces. A fight went on. Most people got involved. 

And what did I do? Watched. I watched the whole things from my second floor bedroom window. I was such a damn helpful person that all I could do was sit and watch. 

Helpful indeed. Useless is more like it. I was so damn useless! And what was more, I seemed to be the only one in the entire mansion that wasn't involved in some way or another with the council. Not that I wanted to be, but it was just something that set me apart from the crowd. Made me the odd one out.

I was used to blending in with the crowd, not being... different. It wasn't that I didn't like it (though I didn't particularly like it), it was more that I was uncomfortable with it. 

And, I realized, it was because when I was human I blended in with everyone. I was barely noticeable because I just did what everyone else did. I was normal.

When you're a vampire, being normal just doesn't cut it. 

You have to be not normal to fit in with a vampire crowd. Be more vampire-ish than human-ish. I was far, far, far more human than I would ever be a vampire.

"Hey, Sara. I see you watching" Imira walked into my room and leant against the windowsill next to me.

"The fighting's over" I responded. 

"Yeah, I know. I just saw" Imira said.

"I noticed you weren't fighting" I said.

She nodded. "Yeah, I decided not to get involved in this one. I probably would've joined Asha in ripping him to shreds"

I rolled my eyes. "She didn't rip him to shreds. She let him go after just making him bleed a little"

"Still. Anyway, I'm bored. Have you got any idea of anything at all to do?"

"Nope" I answered straight away. Being someone who get's bored quite easily, I'd already tried everything possible to do. How long had I been here now? A year? A year and a half? It wasn't actually hard to find stuff to do here unless you'd done it all. "Imira?"


"Do you think I'm useless?"

"No! I think you're your own person. It might be a less-involved-in-action person than anyone else, but still."

"But I want to be involved in at least something. Like, anything. Even if it's small"

"You really want to be involved in something? Really truly?" Imira grinned.


"When's your birthday?"

"In about four months" I sighed. "And what's my birthday got to do with being involved in something?"

"Dunno. I just wanted to know when it is" she shrugged. "Umm... uhh... errrrmmm... sorry, I have nothing. 'Sides, I'm sure something will come up"

I just looked at her.

"Oh, cheer up, Sara. At least you've given me something to do!"


"Look for something for you to do!" Imira laughed and ran out of my bedroom. 

Looking back out of the window, I noticed that there was no-one outside any more, so I went downstairs to watch TV.

The End

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