Kyoshiro: Secrets.

Kneeling by the crumpled figure Raven looked up at me, "I trust you can keep a secret or two?" he asked.

"I can keep a secret, yes." I look down, "however, I think since I knew something about you that I wasn't supposed to, you can learn something about me."

Raven looks at me, curious.

"I was the one who killed J.F.K." I look at him smiling.


"Well, let's get rid of this riff-raff." I say, motioning to Zelthar.

I look at Raven, who is holding my sword by the blade, completely bypassing the whole burning thing. I grab the hilt and he lets go. I then bring my sword back to myself.

"Make him kneel."

Raven forces Zelthar into a kneeling position, and Zelthar's head droops.

"Zelthar, you are charged with crimes against humanity and have been found guilty with punishment of death."

Then, I drop the sword atop Zelthar's neck, Raven looks away in disgust as Zelthar's head rolls along.

"I trust you can keep a secret."

Then, I drag Zelthar's body and his head to the forest surrounding Vampire Mansion, and I lay his body in a place where almost no one would find him.

The End

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