Everything happened so fast after Kyo once again saved my life, damn him. First Xavior tried to mangle Zelthar then Harmony who flew into such a rage I was sorely tempted to send her into a sleep but she calmed down soon enough. However the most shocking thing I saw was Asha flitting all over the place with Zelthar before picking him up and tossing him like a ragdoll into the wall. Even I had to wince, and i was on the good side. Jay managed to drag her away and everyone filed out until it was me and Kyo left with Zelthar who was grinning wildly,

"You've pissed off the wrong people jackass" I said feeling Kyo give me a funny look

"Oh really? That's pretty raw coming from you Demon-wearer" was the cool reply

My fingers itched, this idiot sure knew how to press the right buttons. Then it clicked, he wanted us angry, it was how he managed to survive being chucked like a ragdoll and shake it off. Smiling inwardly I straightened up, much to the complaint of my ribs,

"And what be it to you where my past lies?" I said, "I did what I did and have made my peace with it" 

Zelthar looked at me cocking his head like a strange bird, "But what about you're friends? I'm sure their opinion of you would change if they knew who you truly were."

Cloaking my anger I used hand symbols to convey to Kyo what I knew. Typically he'd know what i was saying. 

"And if they did then thats up to them and not you. However I like to live on the merits of the present rather than the past." 

Zelthar took a step towards me desperatley trying to reach my anger but in one fluid move I grabbed Kyo's sword from his hand and sent the butt of the hilt crashing into Zelthar's temple. Not nearly as fatal as it was to a human it would leave him out for the count for a good while yet and eventually when he woke up, a rather nasty headache. Kneeling by the crumpled figure I looked up to Kyo, 

"I trust you can keep a secret or two?"

The End

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