Asha: Holding Back

When Jay went to fight Zelthar, I instantly went to fight with him. Neither of us went to fight without the other. Not when we didn't have to. Not anymore.

I took a step forward, but two people grabbed my arm.

"Asha." Xavior looked at me from one side. Kyoshiro had my other arm. 

"Think, its not just your life you have to protect now." Xavior said again.

My muscles quivered with the strain of holding back. I wasn't used to this and I hated it. "Fine" I said quietly as Jay brought Zelthar down. I wrenched my arms out of their grasp and stood with them folded. A split-second later Jay was by my side.

"Take Asha upstairs, we don't want her involved with this in her situation."

Xavior gave me a warning look Take care Asha.

I nodded, letting Jay take me away. I was angry at being treated as an invalid, but knew they only meant well.

When Jay had shut the door behind us, I finally spoke.

"You can't stop me fighting every time Jay."

"Asha, you have a baby to look out for now. I can't risk both of you."

"Precisely why I am still going to fight Jay." I said softly, not angry "Two lives to fight for, I can't just let someone charge in, threaten you, our baby and just do nothing. I'm perfectly capable at the moment." I put my hand on his cheek as he looked down "I promise, as soon as my ability is impaired in any way, I'll stop. But for now, let me fight. Please Jay. I can't let you fight alone while I can still be by your side."

Jay's face softened, but we were interrupted by Harmony screaming downstairs. We could hear Raven, Kyoshiro and Xavior yelling too. Jay and I looked at each other.

"We'll talk about it later." he said, then ran out the room. I followed to the kitchen, where Harmony was being restrained by Kyoshiro and Raven. Xavior was trying to calm her down while Zelthar was smirking, lounging in a chair. I crossed the room in a few strides and slapped Zelthar with everything I  had. He rocked back in his chair as my hand cracked across his face. There was an echoing silence. Jay looked at me stunned. I wasn't done yet.

I lifted Zelthar by his throat, ignoring the protests from the people behind me to be careful.

"Now I have your full attention, listen to what I have to say, Zelthar. I am no longer a fledgling and I no longer fear you or any of the Council. You have come in here, threatened my husband and my friends, caused havoc and I am not happy about that. You will walk out of that door and leave all of us alone, pretend we never exsisted and never return. Otherwise you will find out just how much I have grown since we last met." I dropped him, choking, back to his chair.

"Go." My voice held a quiet, protective fury that gave me more strength than I would have normally.

"My dear," Zelthar said, his voice rasping slightly. "Why would I leave without congratulating you? You have a child on the way no?" 

I froze, as did Jay on the other side of the room. "Congratualtions, my dear Shadow."

Instantly, I had Zelthar by the throat again, throwing him against the wall with enough force to send a spiderweb of cracks from his impact. I held him there.

"Asha! Don't, stop this!"

I ignored Harmony, Xavior and the others as they yelled at me. Jay was at my side.

"Asha, let him go."

"Give me one good reason!" I snarled "He threatened our child and he knows who I am! He knows what I am! He threatened you! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't break his neck!"

My heart was pounding as protective anger coursed through my veins. My eyes were firmly fixed on Zelthar, struggling for air. A trickle of blood made its way down his face from under his hair.

"Asha." At the sound of Jay's voice again I looked at him. "Let him go." 

I took a deep breath and let Zelthar drop.

"Good girl" he smirked. My hand cracked across his cheek for the second time, throwing him to the floor. He glared up at me balefully, as Jay held my shoulders. He wiped a smear of blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Never test a mother-to-be. There is nothing I would not do to protect my child and my husband. Do not test me Zelthar, else it will be the last thing you do."

With that I let Jay pull me away to the far corner of the room. I turned and put my arms around him.

"I'm okay, its fine." I said quietly. We waited to see what happened next.

The End

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