Xavior: What the hell?!

I couldn't process all that was happening, me and Harmony got engaged, Asha is pregnant and now Zelthar....Zelthar of all people shows up at the door. Just as Raven was about to finish him off, I stopped him. "Raven, could you wait a sec, I appreciate we all want this guy to cease breathing but we should probably find out why the hell he's here first" he looked at me like I was insane "I promise you'll get your chance, Kyoshiro, Raven stay with me, Jay take the others upstairs or in the dining hall, it could get messy and I don't want Asha to get hurt in her situation" Jay nodded and rounded everyone up to go  to the attic. Take care Asha.

As predicted Harmony stayed by my side, refusing to move "Har, you want to find some stuff out too?"

She scowled at Zelthar "Something like that"

I shook my head "Raven, Kyo hold him and if he tries anything, use what you have, bring him here if you can"

They drag him over to meet me and I allow my eyes to glow red, Zelthar smiles "Ah prince Xavior, what a pleasure it is to see you again"

"The feeling is not mutual Zelthar, I'll get strait to it. Why did you come here?"

"Do I need a reason, this is the safe haven for vampires right? How do you know I didn't come here in peace?"

"We both know that you are not a peaceful being, now awnser my question"

"It is not for the reason you think though I have enjoyed the reunion"

"Don't dodge the question Zelthar, why did you come here?"

Zelthar's gaze shifts to Harmony at my side "Your fiance. Thats why I came here"

"What do you want with her?"

"The council of imperials and the royal family would merely like to announce the engagement of the heir to the throne. However we've hear your followers here don't take kindly to groups of ours so they sent me here instead"

I felt Harmony tense at my side, I felt angry aswell, I don't like the way he stares at her.

"Stop lying Zelthar! Your words are a load of sh-"

"Harmony, its okay, calm down"

"Alright, do you really want to know why I came here?"

"Yes, now spit it out"

"I'll make it quick. Your father wants you home, he's close to the end and you know what that means."

"I gave up the throne"

"Something you cannot do sire, time to come home"

"Raven, Kyo, do what you want with him, if we let him go he'll tell the council everything" I turn from them, sealing my fate, I will not become like my father and leave everything I love behind for the throne.

"Oh, before I die, young miss Harmony, can I tell you something?"

"Harmony, come here" my words are laced with acid and hatred,  but I know she has already gone to hear his words "Do not listen to him Harmony!"

Three seconds pass and Harmony yells louder than before "YOU BASTARD!" a loud clash echoes across the room and I turn to see Zelthar by Kyo's feet and Raven holding Harmony back, Zelthar is still. What did he tell her????

The End

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