Kyoshiro: Eventful day.

This were getting far out of hand. Asha was preganant, and now Raven had been thrown through a wall by some guy named Zelthar. I was confused, then Raven started beating Zelthar with a pipe, but Zelthar, anticipating a hit, moved out of the way, grabbed the pipe and hit Raven with it.

"Gah! No, bad!"

I jump to Raven's side and unsheath my sword.

"Put down the pipe, if you want to remain in one piece."

"Make me," Zelthar snarls.

So I lunge at him, he parry's my thrust, and Raven manages to roll out of the way.

"Are you OK?"

"Could be better."

Then, I move my sword out of the way, and I kick Zelthar through the hole in the wall to the outside.

"Let's kill him!"

The End

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