Slipping round the front of the house I shimmied my way through the kitchen towards the back and quietly opened the door unaware that several curious housemates were looking over my shoulder. Closing the door quietly I moved to surprise the intruder but as I leapt I felt myself hit what felt like and invisible sledgehammer with my chest and fly off in another direction crashing to earth ontop of the cabinet turning it into matchwood. The intruder looked at me with an amused smirk playing on his lips. The others by now had come in and saw me standing crouched over and the intruder grinning. Looking over I saw Asha's eyes widen in shock and recognition,

"Well isn't this a pleasant surprise" the stranger drooled the self satisfaction clogging the air.

I straightened up and looked at the other, "Get your backsides out of here. NOW!" I called as I grabbed a pipe and began to mercilessly attack this idiot.

The End

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