Asha: Why Does Nobody Ever Knock Nicely?

 "Well what you bufoons doing sitting there all slack jawed? A toast to the mother to be.."

Jay and I both smiled brightly as everyone raised their glasses. Jay caught my chin, rasing my face to kiss me on the lips, bringing a laugh from a couple of people and cheers from most of them. We all moved outside for an impromptu celebration, where the sun was going down, giving everything a dream-like quality.

Jay and I sat together the whole time, surrounded by friends congratualting us or a little apart, kissing and enjoying being together as a couple.

There was a noise at the door. Several people looked up, but dismissed it as Raven went to investigate. Jay leaned in for another kiss when there was a huge bang from the direction. When we arrived at the door, Raven was on the floor, surrounded by the remains of the door. I took a step towards him when a familiar voice filled the room.

"Well now, isn't this a pleasant suprise?"

I froze completely, as did Jay, Xavior and the others at my back.

"Zelthar." I whispered.

He's the vampire I deal with at the Council.. he tried to recruit me as a fledgling but I turned him down. Later I came back as the Shadow, disguised. I don't know if he's put it together.. I explained to Jay and the others swiftly.

"So many familiar faces.. where do I begin?"

I went cold, reaching for Jay's hand automatically. We all waited to see what he was going to do

The End

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