Raven: Que sera Que sera

It was quiet around the Mansion these days, especially when the wedding bells had stopped ringing. My little chat with Kyoshiro had been less than enlightening but I let it pass and settled into actually doing something useful around the house. I was out in the massive garage putting the finishing touches to a cabinet for the kitchen which had mysteriously been broke around about the time Jay and his other half realised their love but hey its a mad thing. Anyway a rather bouncy Jay popped his head round the door,

"Raven, theres a meeting in the kitchen. Mind coming?" he asked before disappearing without me giving an answer. Shrugging I took off the apron I was wearing over my jeans but decided to keep my t-shirt off and headed for the kitchen, I needed a drink anyway.

 By the time I arrived in the large room everyone was there all the girls sitting at the table with Jay and Asha while the men stood round the edge wondering what was going on. Grabbing a bottle from the racks I popped the lid and took a large swig feeling better for it.

"Guys me and Jay have some news" Asha whispered in her usual voice, everyone leaned in, "There's gonna be another vampire in the house soon, I'm pregnant." The sound of jaws clattering to the ground was clearly audible as everyone stood or sat in stunned silence. Recovering quick I lifted my drink, "Well what you bufoons doing sitting there all slack jawed? A toast to the mother to be.."

Five minutes later I was out in the yard sitting in the branches of the oak tree leaning against the trunk. Jay and Asha were happy and they deserved to be but as I thought about the two couples i felt my own heart drop as I realised that my lifestyle was not allowing me to get close to anyone to form a potential relationship. Sighing deeply I lay my head back and closed my eyes thinking that maybe I should settle down. If Jay and Asha could get married then what was stopping me. I heard the back door to the mansion open and shut and I looked to see who it was...

The End

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