Around a day had gone by without anything really happening. It was so boring. In other words, it was nice and calm. Asha and I had spent much more time with each other, as did Harmony and Xavior. The others were always training the newborns, and they didn’t need (or want) our help. They thought there was too much work between us; not enough love. Harmony and Xavior had just the right amount of love, but they were just getting used to it, so they were let off too.

Asha and I were sitting on the settee, watching something on the T.V. which Harmony had put on. Xavior and Harmony weren’t really interested in the television; it seemed that anything other than kissing was just in the background. Asha and I laughed. We remembered that. I bent down to kiss Asha on the lips, and she kissed back for a second, then broke off and ran upstairs, shouting Sorry!

I ran up behind her, and she was in our room, in the bathroom.

I waited.

I was sitting idly on the bed, staring out into space through the window. Stars were glittering, and the full moon shone, sending a ray of weak white light through the window.

Asha walked in after a while, her face shocked and baffled. I frowned and had my arms tightly around her in seconds. I knew that face. Something was wrong.

“What’s wrong, Love?” I asked worriedly. She shook her head a little, then sat down where I was sitting before. That’s when I noticed it. She was holding something in her left hand. A pregnancy test. And it was positive.

“We have to tell the others.” Asha said. I saw a look of excitement in her eye. I was also a little excited.

The End

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