Harmony: love

"Congradulations guys!"

"Yeah! Good for you!"

I smile to myself, I'll be Xavior's in every way concievable, I'll be able to hold onto him for the rest of eternity. I still need to go to the council, I will avenge all the innocent people they have taken away from their famillies.

"Well we know one thing for sure, Harmony will have a beautiful wedding dress ready for the day"

I smile and blush "Actually I have been working on a dress design...."

Everyone laughs "Thats Harmony for ya"

Xavior takes my hand in his "And I wouldn't have her any other way, so about the council, I have an idea that only involves a minial amount of fighting" he smiles and the glint in his eye tells me he's been thinking about this for a while.

The End

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