Jay: Passing On My Limited Wisdom

 This was amazing! Everyone was getting married (I started it!), but I was really truly extatic for Xavior and Harmony. They deserved eachother, and their love was aas strong as Asha's and I. I nearly laughed with glee.

 Everything was going so well now! Xavior and Harmony; Asha and I; the newborns were doing so well and we were at our strongest. I sauntered over to Xavior who was inm the kitchen at the wine bar.

 "Congratulation, man. This is brilliant news. Cool ring, too." I smiled, and he smiled back excitedly. Asha walked in and hugged Xavior after pecking me quickly on the lips.

 "Just one thing though Xavior. It is so important to say the right name. Some men have been known to do that since that Friends episode." Everyone laughed.

The End

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